Our Nations Heroes


Dear Marine, Sailor, Soldier, Airman,

Coast Guardsman, Reservist, Veteran


This is meant as a heartfelt thanks

To all Veterans who serve:

Active Duty, Retired

National Guard or Reserve



We respect your courage to protect our freedom!

Thank you for your sacrifice, strength and courage!

Thank you for protecting us!

Please come home safely!


Our Prayer to You:

O Lord, be with our military men and women

As they leave their families

To serve our Nation,

Guide them as they plant the “Seeds of Peace”

For these are the Seeds that

Will Forever Keep America

The Land of the Free and

The Home of the Brave.

Bless them,

O’Lord and Bless

Their families.

For they are all Heroes of

American Freedom.

Their Sacrifice for us


“Not be Forgotten”

“Their Service

Will Always be

Remembered and Honored”



Founders of CARE

  Yolanda “Yoli” Rigales Diaz

Leticia Soto



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