Mountain View Regional Medical Center

Cancer Aid Resource & Education, Inc. (CARE) appreciates Mountain View Regional Medical Center for their ongoing support to CARE!  Thank you Mountain View Regional Medical Center! 

We would like to share what is important to Mountain View Regional Medical Center:

Mission, Vision & Values


To be the regional healthcare leader of choice for both patients and physicians for Excellence, Innovation and Quality.

Mission Statement

Create and maintain a caring environment where our healthcare team exemplifies clinical and service excellence within our regional community.


Safety – We will create a safe environment, which promotes confidence and emphasizes high ethical standards.

Compassion – We will foster a compassionate and caring atmosphere for our patients, their families and guests.

Teamwork – We will support a positive working environment, which encourages collaboration, communication and pride among our employees, medical staff, administration, volunteers and the community.

Efficiency – We will, individually and collectively, be known for clinical and service excellence by providing high-quality, efficient healthcare.