Third Party Events – Community Sponsored Events To Benefit CARE

Cancer Aid Resource & Education, Inc. understands that being diagnosed with cancer is scary and that cancer affects the whole family.  CARE also understands that cancer patients face many challenges, including financial difficulties.  Cancer patients may also not be able to work or experience loss time from work to cope with their cancer diagnosis.  CARE assists cancer patients during this difficult time of cancer treatment. CARE encourages our Las Cruces and whole Doña Ana County Community to partner with CARE and support our local community.   You can make a difference where a difference is needed.  All event proceeds benefit local cancer patients by assisting them by paying for their everyday living necessities:  gas cards to get to treatment, other transportation needs, groceries and nutritional supplements, self-pay health insurance, utilities, rent or mortgage payments, telephone, etc. If treatment requires medical travel outside of the county, CARE helps with lodging, airfare, meals, gas cards, parking, etc.  while they are in active treatment for their cancer, any type of cancer.

CARE thanks the community for “paying it forward” by participating in Third Party Events.

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